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TempLine™ offers both natural grass and synthetic turf marking products. Our paints are widely recognized as the quality standard for both appearance and performance, in terms of play and weather durability, without interfering with field play characteristics.

Synthetic turf fields present additional challenges for field management, especially when the field is hosting multiple sequential sports events, requiring frequent, rapid marking changes.

Managing athletic fields under these circumstances means managing risks in scheduling, choice of materials, procedures, and costs. Our Synthetic Field Marking Systems can help you reduce risk while delivering superior results.

We offer more than just paints and removers

TempLine delivers a complete solution including materials, equipment, and technical expertise for synthetic field preparation, painting, and paint removal.

  • Top quality pre-painting conditioners, paints, and paint removers
  • The Industry standard in paint removal equipment
  • Expert advice and procedures that have been tested and proven to be effective
  • Problem solving “know-how” built on years of experience in the lab and on the field

Our systems help you manage risk from start to finish

TempLine products, equipment, and experience combine to provide a thorough, low-risk, systematic approach to turf painting and removal.

  • Field preparation materials for better paint adhesion, appearance, and durability
  • Complete field marking and removal products, specified and scaled to your exact needs
  • Equipment specifically designed to work well with our paints and your budget
  • Help with scheduling, choosing, estimating, and ordering the right products
  • Expert advice and trouble-shooting in preparation, painting, and paint removal

We Deliver Value That Goes Beyond Appearance

TempLine provides you with a finished product you can take pride in, along with better control over risks along the way.

  • Field paints engineered to bring the “show” with superior game day appearance and performance
  • Lower labor costs and time demands compared with using lower quality materials
  • Paint removal with minimum worry, cost, labor, material waste, and turf wear
  • Less risk and stress when dealing with tight field change schedules
  • TempLine experts who are available and ready to help

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and Field Marking Quality

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