At Eco Chemical, we pride ourselves on our commitment to finding and engaging new technologies to meet the needs of the markets we serve. Within the TempLine™ division, we are always searching for ways to improve the performance of our field paints and paint removers.

As founder Mark Cheirrett explains, “At Eco Chemical, we aren’t simply in the business of selling products. Continuous research and development is paramount to the success of our company, not only to find new products but also to continuously improve our current lines. Our team of chemists and lab technicians are here to deliver solutions offering improved economy, efficiency, and environmental responsibility for our customers.”

Our natural grass paints are an excellent example of this commitment. When Eco entered the athletic field paint market roughly 15 years ago, the company’s main focus was to develop the market’s first reliable yet removable paints for marking synthetic turf. Once we entered the market, we discovered the opportunity to provide economically priced paints that provide reliable color consistency, easy preparation, and easy application for natural grass fields. We developed a grass product as a concentrate that would deliver the equivalent of 10 gallons of paint in a 26 lb. recyclable cardboard box. “Our reasoning was partially driven by our Pacific Northwest location, being in a corner of the country where we have to ship things long distances to reach most of our markets,” explains George Brandt, Vice President of Operations and Eco’s resident environmental stewardship expert. By shipping a concentrated product, Eco is able to deliver paint across the continent while consuming less fuel.

Eco is now engaged in developing a premium product entry for the grass market. “Our current grass paint and packaging was developed as an economical alternative to aerosols while eliminating packaging waste. Many professionals and college fields, however, require greater opacity and brightness from their field paints,” explains George. Our efforts to satisfy these customers and expand our grass product line will require more extensive product testing. In preparation for this undertaking, we recently installed a 20 by 100 ft. grass test field. This improved natural grass paint product will allow us to be a full-service company, able to compete with the best products on the market from companies who have been in the grass paint game for years.

“Most of what we see is that other paint companies will come up with a formulation that works, lock down their product development work, and go to market. Eco Chemical, by contrast, primarily functions as a research and development firm, so we never stop looking for better pigments, resins, manufacturing and packaging methods to continuously improve what we offer our customers,” explains Mark. This quest for better manufacturing techniques and chemistries often results in greater efficiency for us, which in turn leads to lower costs for our customers.

Overall, the Eco quest for continuous improvement targets better options for our customers to maintain their fields with greater economy, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

If you’d like to learn more about our innovations in natural grass field paint technology, contact us today.