For the athletic field manager and his crew, the challenge is always the same. They need affordable turf paints that stand up to weather and play wear, are easy to apply, and deliver great color and opacity on the field.

On synthetic turf, managers also require paints that are easy to remove. Synthetic turf with permanent field markings, such as sewn-in lines, presents a different challenge for the field manager tasked with the rapid changeover between sports. These customers want a green paint that will match their turf color and effectively conceal permanent markings, and will remove easily when the time comes.

These different facets of the market will continue to keep Eco TempLine™ busy in 2016, pursuing continuous improvement in core products and equipment while innovating to find new solutions for old problems.

A Premium Product for Natural Grass

One of Eco TempLine’s goals this year is to introduce a brighter, more opaque grass paint that’s easier to prepare and apply. This will appeal to some of our customers who prefer quicker mixing and greater brightness and opacity to the packaging advantages offered by our more economical box grass paints.

Improved Turf Green Products and Service

TempLine currently offers a selection of Turf Green paints in Fast Break, Original, and Tuff formulas. These products were designed for covering up field markings while providing a paintable base on which to add new markings. Turf Green has become the preferred solution for many of our customers needing to convert fields. Eco TempLine will expand our efforts this year to make sure more people know about this option, and to offer exact turf color matching as part of our service.

Permanent Synthetic Paint

The Eco TempLine brand is associated with the first and best synthetic turf marking and removal system in the market. Now we’re tackling the challenge of producing the first suitable permanent synthetic paint. Why? Permanent paint could eliminate the need for sewn-in lines, which often cause unevenness on the playing surface. Sewn-in lines are also more labor-intensive and costly for turf manufacturers. Eco TempLine is addressing this challenge in 2016 with the goal of offering a suitable permanent synthetic turf that provides manufacturers great economy as well as improved field durability and longevity for their customers.

A New Mantis® Hydro Extractor

Our application and removal equipment is vital to the entire TempLine system. In 2016, we will be working on design and performance updates for our current equipment as well as new equipment ideas and products. In January, we’ll be presenting our new Mantis™ Hydro Extractor at the Sports Turf Management Council trade show in San Diego. The new Mantis will take up less space to produce even better results with greater maneuverability, improved mechanical design, and easier serviceability.

Efficiency, Without Sacrificing Performance

Eco TempLine continuously strives to make our products and services better. As good as we believe we are, we can always improve. Staying true to our roots, we’re committed to making every final product eco-friendly. Your health and the health of the environment are not secondary to us – they’re at the forefront of Eco Chemical’s story.

Stay tuned to see how Eco TempLine is bringing better, faster, and more economical solutions to the field marking industry. Sign up for our monthly newsletter , or contact us directly at info@ecochemical.com today!