As a field manager, maintenance manager, or anyone responsible for the safety, performance, and appearance of a grass or synthetic turf field, you take pride in your work. You work all year, through changing conditions and hundreds of events, to keep your field shining and healthy.

TempLine knows that, and that’s why we work hard to provide the industry with the best technology, products, expertise, and systems for all of your field painting and removal needs.

Why Consider Outsourcing?
For those who take pride in their craft, the word “outsourcing” may cause hesitation. A more practical view, though, can reveal some good reasons to consider getting outside help from time to time. Sports Turf Online recently published an article providing a solid list of reasons why you might consider hiring a professional contractor:

– You lack the knowledge or skill set for a particular task.

– You lack the proper tools or equipment for a particular task.

– You’re short on labor or time.

– You need someone to work when you can’t.

– You need a certain expertise that can get the job done cheaper, faster, or better.

Evaluating the Right Contractor
But even in a world where outsourcing is taking over the manufacturing and tech industries, sports turf workers remain skeptical – and rightfully so. Delegating responsibilities to contractors can be risky. These aren’t your contractor’s fields, so why should he or she have the same sense of ownership and concern for reputation that you do?

The right contractor is someone who is highly motivated to keep you happy for the sake of a long-term relationship that also benefits them.

Working With a Contractor
There are plenty of tasks you can assign to contractors that will benefit your bottom line without requiring you to turn over any control or decision-making power. Activities like mowing, spraying pesticides, winterizing irrigation, aerating, and seeding are tasks that fall under larger umbrellas of responsibility that you, as the field or maintenance manager, can retain.

You still decide which treatments need to be implemented and which don’t, when to implement the right ones, what products to use, how much time to allot each task, and most importantly, who to hire to get the job done right.

If you’re handing any of these wider responsibilities over to a contractor, that might be what Sports Turf calls a shortcut – and we’re inclined to agree. Delegation is key to scalable success, just never do so with the assumption that others have the same passion for the success of your field that you have.

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