Who: Steven Randall, Maintenance Supervisor of 10 years with the Goldendale School District.

Problem: Goldendale School District had a growing collection of useless, empty 5-gallon buckets representing several different paint brands, none of which totally satisfied Steven’s performance expectations. He was troubled by the amount of solid waste he was accumulating while getting less than satisfactory field painting solutions.

Alternatives: Steven believed his only choice was to continue paying freight for essentially shipping water and building his collection of empty paint pails from different paint companies. The amount of painting he was doing made aerosol cans impractical as well as too costly, not to mention the burden of dealing with empty aerosol cans. Steven was then introduced to the Eco TempLine™ grass paint alternative.

The Eco Chemical™ Solution: Steven received one of Eco Chemical’s email blasts featuring Eco TempLine™ grass paint. Eco TempLine™ promised a quality appearance on the field from a grass paint delivered in concentrated form in recyclable cardboard boxes. The 26-pound box was much easier to handle than a typical 60-pound pail of paint. The packaging also reduced shipping weight and related cost per gallon of paint and required less storage space on site.

Implementation: After calling and consulting with Eco TempLine™ regarding his paint requirements for the season, Steven placed his order, including white for the field lines and purple for the school logo. His order was shipped the next day.

Results: Follow-up communication with Steven indicates that he is happy with the results on the field as well as the reduced storage space requirements for his pant and the recyclable Eco TempLine™ cardboard packaging. Eco TempLine™ grass paint delivered on all points, as promised.

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