For spectators, the appearance of a freshly installed synthetic sports field adds to the experience of game day – everything is shiny and new. But for field managers, brand new fields can represent unwelcome challenges. Residue from the manufacturing process coats the strands of new synthetic turf, which can make the field extremely challenging to paint. With the recent growth in new synthetic turf installations, TempLine™ was seeing this problem all too often, and knew there had to be a solution for making fresh fields easier to paint while maintaining their brand new look.

The TempLine solution was the development of Pre-Game. Used either alone or in combination with TempLine Clear Base, Pre-Game helps prepare new fields to look and perform their absolute best.

TempLine Pre-Game is designed to enhance paint adhesion for initial painting by conditioning the outer surface of the turf strands. As Eco Chemical™ President Mark Cheirett explains, “Pre-Game creates anchor points for the paint to stick to, which really improves adhesion for the first few months of new field use.”

Pre-Game promotes more thorough and even paint coverage, while minimizing the labor required to get that first-time paint on the field. The proprietary formulation makes new synthetic turf more uniformly receptive to TempLine paints, without impeding ultimate paint removability.

“During the transition from a brand new field to seasoned field, Pre-Game definitely takes the edge off,” explains Mark. “If you’re out there weekly, touching up logos and high wear areas because the paint falls apart after one game, over an entire year or season, that adds up to a lot of extra work. If using Pre-Game eliminates half of that work, that becomes pretty significant. You can paint a line and know you don’t have to touch it up for a week or two with Pre-Game, as opposed to touching up every two days. Labor and material expense is significantly reduced.”

Clear Base
New fields and old fields alike can benefit from the application of Clear Base, our sealant solution. “Clear Base started out as our first conditioner, but it turned out to be useful in protecting areas of the field that you don’t want to absorb paint. Rubber infill, for instance, acts as an extremely porous sponge. On brand new turf, when you paint the rubber before protecting it, you will end up with a constant ‘ghosting’ of color after paint removal. An application of Clear Base before painting makes the rubber much less absorbent,” explains Mark.

Clear Base fills the nooks and crannies of a surface, so that when you remove the paint, pigment particles come off clean. As Mark puts it, “with Clear Base, when the paint is removed, it doesn’t have a place to hide.”

Both of these products offer simple solutions to ensure you are preparing your field for optimum performance. Give us a call today to learn more!