As the southwestern US struggles through a fourth straight year of severe drought, the idea of painting dry and browned out grass is no longer a laughing matter. In fact, it’s becoming serious business. Even in the Pacific Northwest, the relentless heat of this year’s summer has forced many golf courses, sports fields, commercial properties, and homeowners into keeping grass green with paint instead of water.

“instead of letting your lawn stay brown for the summer, two fairly common alternatives have been to remove the grass altogether and either replace it with synthetic turf or drought tolerant landscaping, such as rocks and cactus,” explains Jim Brady, Vice President of Marketing at Eco TempLine™. As of late, the other option is to paint the grass green.

Lawn painting businesses are sprouting up like weeds, and lawn painting is becoming a valuable added service for virtually anyone already in the lawn care business. Besides being much less permanent and considerably less expensive, painting grass is very easy and relatively foolproof, as long as the right paint is used.

As the market attempts to capitalize on this emerging trend, Eco TempLine Natural Grass Paint has surfaced as an excellent choice for turning brown grass green. TempLine Grass Paint is waterborne with virtually no harsh ingredients that could damage grass. “There are lots of products out there right now being used for painting grass. But at Eco Chemical, our paint was a product of extensive research and development aimed at developing a grass paint that is economical, eco-centric, and user friendly,” explains Brady. TempLine Natural Grass Paints come in concentrated form, shipped in cardboard boxes and ready to mix with water. Each 26-pound box produces 10 gallons of paint – the equivalent of 75 aerosol cans at 20% of the cost with none of the solid packaging waste. A concentrated product also allows for lower freight cost per gallon and a smaller carbon footprint.

TempLine paints provide superior color quality, opacity, and coverage uniformity, and are easy to apply with conventional equipment, drying in as little as five minutes. Their waterborne, low VOC formulation produces no odors or fumes. Many products struggle to meet all of these challenges.

TempLine also offers a “green” solution for synthetic turf, when permanent lines or logos need to be greened out or for sports fields with sewn-in lines. TempLine Turf Green, available in Original, Fast Break, or Tuff formulas, can be custom pigmented to more precisely match a particular field color. “Typically, the customer sends us a swatch of the turf or some clippings of the fibers so our lab can do a color match,” explains Brady. “We have the capability to match virtually any turf color.”

Sometimes you just need something to be green. If your grass or synthetic turf painting needs call for the reliability and performance of TempLine products, get in touch with us today. We are ready to work with you to find a solution.