With the Super Bowl 50th Anniversary coming up this year, the NFL has already set the wheels in motion for the celebration. Eco Chemical™ is proud to announce that the NFL has approved Eco TempLine™ Celebration colors for field markings specified to honor the Super Bowl’s golden birthday.

Every NFL team will have their field marked with anniversary graphics for every game leading up to Super Bowl 50. The TempLine™ Celebration colors, including Celebration Gold, Celebration Charcoal, and Celebration White, were specifically formulated and manufactured for the occasion and can be used on both natural grass and synthetic turf, without causing build-up or negatively impacting field play characteristics. The Celebration colors provide the usual coverage quality, ease of application and removal characteristics of the TempLine system of paints and removers.

  • Paints that coat without build-up
  • Paints that don’t “texture” and negatively impact the play characteristics of the field
  • Low VOC formulations, with no odors or fumes
  • Paints that thoroughly re-liquefy upon removal, without solid residue
  • Paints that “bring the show” with superior appearance and performance
  • Removers that do their job without chemical harshness, turf damage, or environmental harm

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute in our small way to the Super Bowl 50th birthday celebration,” explains Eco Chemical’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Jim Brady. “Our TempLine system has already established itself as the number one choice with a number of NFL teams. We hope that other NFL field managers will take this opportunity to get acquainted with our products and make TempLine their choice for superior field painting results.”

Paint can build-up on synthetic turf and interfere with field play performance and safety. TempLine paints are formulated to re-liquefy and minimize residue. The choice of TempLine formulas allows our clients to tailor a painting and removal solution to fit their specific field use schedule, using paints and removers that were designed to work together.

Eco Chemical is offering NFL teams a discount of 10% off of individual Celebration color orders, or 15% off orders that include all three Celebration colors.

Contact us today to celebrate Super Bowl 50 with TempLine – it’s never too early to start preparing your field! Here’s to a great season ahead.