Managing and maintaining a field with an intense event schedule and high-traffic demands such as CenturyLink is a big challenge. The fact that it’s located in a city that receives about 40 inches of rainfall every year, many of those inches arriving unexpectedly or in a solid block for days at a time, makes the challenges of the field drainage and work scheduling even more daunting.

In 2002, when construction of Seahawks Stadium – what was to become CenturyLink – was completed, the staff came to realize their need for a safe, fast and easy paint removal system for their new synthetic turf field. Latex paints on the market were easy to apply and looked brilliant, but removal caused damage to the field and interfered with drainage. At the time, the most advanced “removable” paints were just mixed with soap. Pushing paint through the field taxed the drainage system and caused residue to build up and harden, which made the playing surface unsafe.

TempLine™ is Born

John, the Director of Fields and Conversions, knew the problem needed to be solved because CenturyLink would continue to host an increasing number of events that required rapid field changeover while maintaining a safe playing surface and high-quality field marking. He worked with the experts at Eco Chemical™, a Seattle-based coatings company, to develop what is now the TempLine™ Turf Marking System – which was built with the objective of removing and extracting paint rather than flushing it through the turf and into the field drainage system. The TempLine system proved to be a solution that was better for the field, and for the environment.

Mantis® Evolution

The Eco Chemical team put their years of custom coatings experience to work developing a combination of paints, removers and equipment, namely the Manti® Hydro-Extractor, a never-before-seen paint extraction machine that has since become the standard for the industry in safe, thorough and efficient paint removal.

The System is the Solution

With the TempLine™ system of paints, removers and equipment in place, CenturyLink Field’s turf management team was able to prep, paint, remove, and repeat with ease for each stadium event, while engaging best practices for long-term care for their new synthetic turf.