What defines great grass paint and who cares?

“Paint is paint,” is a common point of view in our industry, but one not typically shared by the more experienced field care professionals in our ranks. Grass paints are like any other type of specialty coating. You get what you pay for.

Paint quality, in terms of ease of application, appearance, durability and goodness of fit for its particular purpose can cover a fairly broad range, depending on price. The challenge is in understanding this and knowing which grade to use for the job at hand. Our chemists and paint makers work hard to make our products fit your range of needs, from painting for Friday Night Lights to the junior high practice field.

So, what makes one paint better than another?

With a modicum of patience, skill and reasonably adequate application tools, you can put just about any kind of paint on grass. The difference between “right” and “wrong” is often in what can be thought of as hidden costs. How easily does the paint go down? How well does it cover? Does it stay on the grass, or wander off on players’ uniforms? What does it do when it gets wet? Perhaps most importantly, what is it doing to your grass and soil over time, with multiple paintings over a season?

Now that you know what characteristics define great grass paint, why should it matter to you?

First things first: using a better quality grass paint may cost a little more money but it can ultimately help your bottom line. A paint that mixes and applies easily, providing adequate brightness and coverage will take less time and effort, cutting down on labor costs. Cheap paints with low-quality pigments and quick manufacturing are hard on airless painting equipment. Experienced painters can tell how harsh paint is by how it feels going through the sprayer, and how often they need to rebuild the pumps. Finally, the longer your painted lines last, standing up to wet weather and active wear and tear, the less you have to paint and repaint the field. The less you mess with the field, the better for the long-term health and vitality of your turf.

One paint isn’t always as good as the next. If you take pride in your profession, with a practical point of view on the balance between economy and pride in the appearance of your field, the choice is simple: use Eco TempLine Grass Paint and let the results speak for themselves.