Professional field painters are rare, but we know where to find them

It’s important to turn to the right person when you’re looking for specialized help. For instance, not everyone who paints for a profession can paint an athletic field and paint it well. Professional field painters are craftsmen who have a unique set of skills and knowledge.

Painting a field isn’t always just a matter of painting boundaries, hash marks or yard lines. Professional field painters craft every logo, name, and advertisement on a playing surface. They’re masters of a variety of materials and methods, often using tricks and techniques they develop on the fly, to meet the challenge at hand.

Despite their remarkable and distinct skills, professional field painters are seldom recognized for their craftsmanship, and none are famous outside the community of field marking professionals. They’re not lighting up the silver screen or posing on the cover of magazines, so they’re not always easy to find.

If you’re in need of a professional field painter, the first thing to do is search the Internet, looking for “athletic field painting” or “professional field painters” among other categories.

Other resources include:

+ Checking with school districts, universities, parks and recreation or local professional sports teams.

+ Exploring our Professional Painters Directory on the Eco TempLine website.

Next time you attend a sporting event, take a minute to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship on the field. It doesn’t just magically appear. It’s likely the work of a highly skilled professional field painter.