Eco Chemical Our Story

Our Story
Eco Chemical, parent company of TempLine™, got its start as a wood stain supplier for pressure treated wood manufacturers. We developed the industry’s first waterborne wood stain that was compatible with common treatment chemistries and could stand up to harsh manufacturing conditions while delivering a durable and attractive finish. Today, Eco Chemical remains the leading supplier of water-based wood stains and other coatings products to the pressure treating industry and other wood products manufacturing firms in western North America.

In 2002 and 2003, Eco Chemical had the opportunity to collaborate with the Seattle Seahawks and developed a removable marking paint for synthetic turf fields. The performance requirements for this product represented a mass of contradictions: be affordable, go on easy, look great, hold up to weather as well as play wear, and be easily removed without requiring harsh chemicals or causing excessive turf wear. The result was TempLine – the first system of waterborne field paint products, removers, and equipment. The TempLine system has since grown to become a leading field turf-marking solution for professional and college sports facilities across North America.

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