TempLine™ developed the original Mantis 12 years ago to meet the needs of field managers who wanted to completely remove paint from the field rather than flush the turf and infill into the field’s drain system. As a result, after years of field experience combined with two years of design improvement work, the Mantis 2.0 sets a new standard for extraction performance.

This upgraded machine does one thing and does it well – now with more speed, more power, and more control at your fingertips. Its hydraulic scrubbing and vacuum extraction, with minimal infill displacement, makes the process faster and substantially less labor-intensive. All you need is one person and the Mantis 2.0.

Mantis® 2.0 Features include:

• 29 HP Grasshopper FrontmountTM 700 Series tractor power platform
• Hydraulically driven, triple brush scrubbing system with 52-inch wide scrub path
• Proprietary extractor system with 54-inch cleaning path
• On-board 110-gal. water supply and 16-gallon remover reservoir
• 55-gallon extractor recovery tank
• Handle mounted controls for all wash and extraction functions
• 66” wide, 63” tall, 130” long