Consistently Meeting Expectations
TempLine products work together to provide a complete, high-quality, low-risk system for turf painting and removal:

  • A broad palette of available colors, plus custom color formulation
  • Product options for varying field conditions and changeover needs
  • Professional assistance designing and ordering the right marking system
  • Guidance and troubleshooting in preparation, painting, and paint removal

TempLine products are uniquely formulated to work as a team under varying conditions. 
Combining our products with our expertise is your winning solution, with benefits for everyone:

  • No build-up or texturing to affect play
  • Low-VOC formulations with no odors or fumes
  • Paints that thoroughly re-liquefy upon removal, without solid residue
  • Pre-painting solutions that improve adhesion on newer fields
  • Less stress when dealing with tight field change schedules
  • TempLine experts always available, ready to help

Make TempLine Paints and Removers Part of Your Team
Call or e-mail us for more information about our synthetic field marking systems. As an NFL-Approved Vendor, you can depend on the TempLine team – the people who invented and patented the first synthetic removable turf paint system and extraction equipment for the NFL.

Download TempLine Paints and Removers Information Sheet