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Consistently Meeting Expectations
TempLine products work together to provide a complete, high-quality, low-risk system for turf painting and removal:

  • A broad palette of available colors, plus custom color formulation
  • Product options for varying field conditions and changeover needs
  • Professional assistance designing and ordering the right marking system
  • Guidance and troubleshooting in preparation, painting, and paint removal

TempLine products are uniquely formulated to work as a team under varying conditions. 
Combining our products with our expertise is your winning solution, with benefits for everyone:

  • No build-up or texturing to affect play
  • Low-VOC formulations with no odors or fumes
  • Paints that thoroughly re-liquefy upon removal, without solid residue
  • Pre-painting solutions that improve adhesion on newer fields
  • Less stress when dealing with tight field change schedules
  • TempLine experts always available, ready to help

Make TempLine Paints and Removers Part of Your Team
Call or e-mail us for more information about our synthetic field marking systems. As an NFL-Approved Vendor, you can depend on the TempLine team – the people who invented and patented the first synthetic removable turf paint system and extraction equipment for the NFL.

Download TempLine Paints and Removers Information Sheet

Download TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint Technical Data Sheet

Download TempLine Paints Safety Data Sheet