TempLine™ Natural Grass Paint Delivers Exceptional Performance and Convenience

Besides showing up on game day with great performance and durability on the field, TempLine™ Grass Paint makes your field painting job easier and less costly.

Being Green Has Never Been Easier

TempLine™ comes in concentrated form, ready to mix with water, packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. Each 26 lb. box contains two “kits” and each kit makes from 5 to 7 gallons of paint, depending on your coverage quality requirements.

• Water-based formula with no VOCs
• No aerosol propellants polluting the air
• Virtually no packaging waste
• Concentration can be adjusted by adding water
• Harmless for all varieties of grass

TempLine™ Delivers Big Value in a Small Box

TempLine™ offers convenience, dependable performance and economy at a much lower environmental cost.

• Excellent color quality, opacity and coverage uniformity
• Dependable play wear durability and weather resistance
• An easy-to-handle 26 lb. package instead of an awkward 50 to 70 lb. pail
• The equivalent of 75 aerosol cans of paint at 20% of the cost
• Reduced storage space requirements (one pallet of TempLine™ boxes = two pallets of 5 gal. pails!)
• Low shipping weight means lower freight costs and a smaller carbon fuel footprint